Center of Excellence in Addiction Studies

Pilot Project Core

The PRP Core promotes the efforts of investigators beginning work in the substance abuse field by providing technical services in generating pilot data or method validation that allows the development of compelling NIDA proposals. The PRP Core supports established investigators with research programs in substance abuse by facilitating new technologies or in collecting key preliminary data to significantly advance the field. Pilot proposals are accepted from a range of researchers such as: 

  •    Center and non-Center researchers who study 
    • behavioral
    • physiological
    • molecular aspects of substance abuse
  •     Existing Center investigators seeking to: 
    • generate preliminary data 
    • develop new methodologies/technologies
  •     Center staff who want to improve:
    • center’s capacity 
    • number of useful services.
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Stephen cowen


Stephen Cowen, PhD

Associate Professor, Cognition/Neural Systems

Director, Decision Making and Learning Laboratory

Center of Excellence in Addiction Studies
Frank Porreca, Ph.D.

Co-Director, Center of Excellence in Addiction Studies
Department of Pharmacology
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