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AzCANN: Arizona Cannabis Education

What do you need to know to make safe and responsible choices for yourself, your family or the communities you serve?

AzCANN (A - Z - CAN) is a community education program. We are responding to the need to educate Arizonans on the state's cannabis laws and provide evidence-based information. The education we provide is centered around the risks, benefits and considerations of recreational and medical cannabis use.
Trainings, workshops and video content are tailored for the general public as well as health care and social service professionals and reflect the diverse experiences, cultures and languages in Arizonan communities.

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Educational Videos

Visit our YouTube playlist to watch informational videos. Topics include responsible cannabis use, considerations for health professionals, and tips including how to know when it is safe to drive after cannabis use.

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Cannabis FAQs

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about cannabis law, responsible use, benefits, risks, health and safety, and medical use. 

FAQs (in English) • FAQs (in Spanish)
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On-Demand Trainings

The lecture series "Cannabis Education for Healthcare Professionals" will provide attendees with an overview of current research and practices that pertain to cannabis. Continuing education credits are available for health care professionals.


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Arizona Poison & Drug Information 24/7 hotline
Available in English and Spanish, translation services available

Additional Evidence-Based Cannabis Information

Application information for Medical Marijuana Card

Cannabis Charges Expungement Information
English: azexpunge.org
Español: azexpunge.org/es

Arizona 2-1-1: Discover what resources in Arizona fit your needs 

Health Insurance Help

Principal Investigators
Todd W. Vanderah, PhD
Alyssa R. Padilla, MPH 

Co-Investigator/Director of Evaluation and Research
Jennifer S. De La Rosa, PhD

Project Manager
Sean P. Cronin

Health Education Coordinators
Lena Cameron
Josué Cruz

Administrative Coordinators
Stephanie Valencia
Victoria Silva

Graphic Design
Erich R. Healy, Instructional Technologist

Tally Largent-Milnes, PhD
Mazda Shirazi, MD, PhD
Bridget Murphy, DBH, MEd

If you have questions about cannabis, would like information on trainings, workshops or other project activities, or would like to collaborate with AzCANN, please contact us at:

Comprehensive Center for Pain & Addiction

Funder Disclaimer Statement: This program is supported by grant number CTR063305 funded by the Arizona Department of Health Services. The contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the ADHS.